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Are you a footballing enthusiast? Ever played the sport as a trio? SUMMIT 2019 delivers your moment to grasp the game and prove your flair at Football 3s. Be one of the wizards at play, for College of Engineering Chengannur is offering you the platform to grab rewards worth ₹4k!
Kick the ball, earn your score and grab your glory!

Date: 29 March 2019

Registration fee: ₹300


  1. A Match will be of 7 minutes.
  2. No player may touch the ball within the goal box, however any player may move through thegoal box
  3. Kick-ins and corners: The ball shall be kicked in to play from the side-line instead of thrown in.
  4. All kicks (kick-ins, free kicks, kick-offs) are indirect except corner and penalty kicks.
  5. Awarding goals: A goal may be scored from a touch on the offensive half on the playing field.
  6. Kicks soaring above waist line will be considered penalty after first warning
  7. Referees have the right to eject a player from the game for one minute in case of intentional hand ball
  8. Penalty kicks: It is a direct kick taken from the top of the centre circle on the offensive side

Contact Details

Abin Itty: +91 8075448951

Akshay: +91 9633680980

Hisham Suhail: +91 8086805628