Mini Robowar

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Ever been fascinated by the bot wars in Real Steel? Wonder how it would look like in real life to see your robot fight?
Summit '19 is here with that chance to make your science fiction sports film scenes come live before you! Bring your robot to the Mini RoboWar competition at College of Engineering Chengannur on 29th March 2019 and rule the arena in this battle of bots.

Combine the perfect moves with sharp tactics and you could win the prize money worth ₹9k!

Registration Fee: ₹250


Dimensions and Fabrications


Battery and Power:


Weapons Systems

General instructions



Judgement will be done on the basis of following:


The organizers are not responsible for any fault occurring to robot on or before competitions, all care should be taken by the participants.Final decisions regarding any dispute or judgement will be taken by organizers

Contact Details

Anil : +918891869515

Ulsah : +919048207212