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Everyone has watched and enjoyed transformers since childhood. Ever wondered how a battle between two such extremely powerful futuristic robots looks like in an arena? SUMMIT'19 brings you RoboWar, one of the largest battle arenas without bloodsheds and agony, where intelligence and accuracy gets computed. Join us at College of Engineering Chengannur from 29th-31st March 2019 and witness one of the largest Robowars in India. The winners will receive prizes worth Rs 18k.

Registration Fee: Rs 500


Dimensions and Fabrications


Battery and Power


All robots must have easily visible and controlled mobility in order to compete. Methods of mobility include:

Weapons Systems


General instructions



Judgement will be done on the basis of following:


The organizers are not responsible for any fault occurring to robot on or before competitions, all care should be taken by the participants.Final decisions regarding any dispute or judgement will be taken by organizers.

Contact Details

Alan: +91 8943432349

Abin: +91 9744894197