Table Tennis

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Sunny mornings, lazy afternoons, balmy evenings, Summer brings lots of little joys, and SUMMIT 2019 add a dollop of delight with a very fun and enjoyable game - Table Tennis. If slamming a ball with a racquet become so obsessive a pleasure for so many of us, then join us at College of Engineering Chengannur on 30 March 2019. You have to play it individually and it's not going to be a Team Game. Talk with your racquet, play with your heart. If you don't push yourself, who will? So guys, are you ready to hit the ball again?

Prizes worth 3k are up for grabs!

Registration Fee: Rs 150


  1. Individual event.
  2. Refrees decision will be final.

Contact Details

Abin: +91 80754 48951

Shone: +91 8089 94058