Voice of Summit

Event Details

"Where words fail, music speaks. " ~Hans Christian Anderson
Summit 2019 hosted by College of Engineering Chengannur proudly presents to you the Voice of Summit competition, an extravagant platform to flaunt your voice and show off your singing skills. Come and join us on 30 March 2019 and leave the listeners mind blown with your flawless notes, adding your own style to the music. Bring the house down and win a prize money worth 7k.
So grab that mic, own the stage and steal the show!

The registration fee is Rs. 200/- .

Judging Criteria

The competition will have 2 rounds.
  1. First round:
    Participant can choose any favourite song from Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi films that lasts not more than 7 minutes.
  2. Second round:
    Participant has to perform two songs, a challenging song and a fast song. (Maximum time is 7 minutes for each song.)

Rules and Regulations

  1. Each participant should register their entries at least 1 hour before the event.
  2. All the participants must produce their valid college ID cards for their entries.
  3. Non possession of ID card by any participant will automatically lead to his/her disqualification in the competition.
  4. All the participants should submit their audio in mp3 format (USB) before the event starts.
  5. Any type of damage to the sound system and stage arrangements will not be entertained.
  6. Vulgarity/obscenity in any form is strictly prohibited.
  7. Any violations of the above mentioned rules will lead to disqualification.
  8. Judges decision will be final.

Contact Details

For more details, contact

Robin: +91 94475 41052

Sreelekshmi: +91 94967 07994